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An exhibition by Julia Champtaloup

Terra Botanica explores native remnant ecology and landscape using double exposure images to orient the viewer’s imagination towards the small wonders in our local environs. Views of microlandscapes and native plants insitu inspire new ways of seeing and encountering our relationship with the natural world around us. 

Terra Botanica encourages residents to look beyond the surface of plants and landscape and into an imagined ecological future - one of regeneration and opportunity, but also one of increased connection with nature and our local ecology.

The exhibition is open Sunday March 4th from 11am till 4pm or by appointment until March 11.

This exhibition is part of the Good Natured project for Sydney Design

Celebrating its 20th year, Sydney Design Festival 2018 presents events that respond to the theme Call to Action.

‘Through a diverse program of events, Sydney Design Festival champions local, national and international design, & promotes a critical understanding of the impact of design on everyday life & culture.

Action is purpose and movement; Action is deliberate and forward thinking. Design has a role to play in an ever-changing world and has the potential to solve complex global problems. SDF18 events explore design practice, collaboration, conversation & current design trends.’