Waverley Council was one of the first local governments nationally to formally articulate a strategic environmental vision for its organisation and community which included a detailed and funded cost-effective 10-year roadmap of actions to realise its goals.

This Environmental Action Plan includes ambitious medium and long-term targets in the areas of waste, water use, greenhouse gas reductions, biodiversity, and transport.

The targets and strategies are based on detailed quantitative and qualitative data analyses and research in each area.


We track our progress against the environmental targets every 4 years and review our strategies accordingly. Whilst there have been some successes to date, we know there is still a long road ahead. See our most recent progress report (2012).


Reduced Council greenhouse gas emissions by 6% in 2011/2012 from 2003/04 levels.

Additional 15.6% reduction identified from energy-efficiency retrofits at 10 major Council sites and solar power systems at 4 sites.

Reduced energy use by 8% (gas and electricity) in 2011/2012 from 2003/04.

Expected $180,000 annual electricity bill savings from the energy-efficiency retrofits based on current tariffs. Annual savings could increase to above $250,000 with expected future electricity price rises.

Purchase of Green Power for our top energy-using sites helps to avoid 722 tonnes carbon emissions annually.

Community-level analysis of data and implementation of specific strategies surrounding technologies and behaviour change indicate a likely 30% reduction by 2020.

Installed solar power capacity in Waverley LGA has increased three-fold from 259kW in September 2010 to 936 kW in September 2012.

There has been a 4% decline in average kms travelled by residents per day by private car.


All our beaches are rated good for water quality by BeachWatch reports.

We are on track to meet our LGA-wide mains water target by 2020.

With our partner Sydney Water, our Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Business Program has assisted organisations to save 1777 kL water/yr.

We are saving over 100ML of potable water/yr from stormwater, rainwater and groundwater harvesting systems for non-potable uses such as irrigation and toilet flushing at Council sites.


Residential and public place waste recycling has improved (diversion rate at 36% compared to 20% in 2004/05).

Conservative projections for the successful community 'Compost Revolution' program across Randwick, Woolhara and Waverley indicate organic waste diversion of 1642 tonnes annually by 2020, with over 4000 tonnes avoided greenhouse gas emissions.

232 households participated in 2012 Garage Sale trail.

Over 60 tonnes e-waste collected in 2011/2012.


Condition surveys of all remnants have been integrated into our strategic asset management plan and long-term financial plan, as well as development controls.

Over 6000 natives trees planted in LGA in 2011/12 by staff, community members and contractors.

Education and engagement

Eco-wise workshops and events directly reach in excess of 5,000 individuals each year.

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