The building at 23 Ebley Street, Bondi Junction was constructed in the 1920's when it was the local fruit shop. It then became a local taxi business for many years. Since Valentine's Day 1965 it was a workshop for specialist surgical equipment, and in 2015 it became Superlocalstudio.


Superlocalstudio is a creative incubator and an independent space that has been designed to enable the creation of thoughtful practices. We support and encourage innovation, creativity, enterprise culture and thoughtful approaches in the areas of art, design, environment, and cultural practices that enable projects creating long-term broad reaching value.


Superlocalstudio supports arts, cultural, environmental and humanitarian organisations. Diversity and inclusion are considered in all projects and practices. We work towards 50/50 gender diversity and encourage cultural diversity.

We choose to support local and independent businesses and choose low environmental impact materials wherever possible. 


At Superlocalstudio we are conscious of what we create and our impact on the environment. Our approach is embedded in every process we follow. We strive to have minimal environmental impact and invest in native Tasmania forests with Climate Friendly when necessary to offset emissions.  We have created the Superlocalstudio Sweet Nature planting scheme and are part of the 202020 Vision project and Waverley Council Creative Streets and Second Nature Program

Superlocalstudio creates projects using minimal material, energy and water resources and generates minimal waste. We choose recycled and recyclable materials.

We recycle paper, plastic, food waste, metals and everything else we can. We are plastic free wherever possible. We use natural and chemically free cleaning materials.

We choose to support local suppliers where possible and choose materials and suppliers with minimal freight miles.

We choose local wood and low environmental impact materials in building. We are member of  GECA's Positive Procurement Pledge 

Superlocalstudio currently uses Powershop energy provider who have been rated as the Greenest Energy Supplier and invest in building renewable power. 

The Superlocalstudio Sweet Nature organic garden project is a small urban sanctuary for birds and bees and butterflies. It includes native and beneficial plants and native stingless bees.