A program of short talks at Superlocalstudio for Sydney Design Festival 2018 by local creative practices who combine an approach of considered & engaging design through a purpose & process that is human & nature centered.

Hear from The Organic Tea Project about their circular design process that benefits the producer, the customer & the environment. Jennifer Kwok who will talk on the five elements of design & nature in the urban landscape. The Republic of Everyone will talk about Plant Life Balance, a new campaign that encourages the benefits of integrating plants in everyday life.

Waverley Council will highlight local creative & sustainable initiatives that encourage & support biodiversity in the environment. Julia Champtaloup will discuss her Terra Botanica photographic project which looks at everyday natural treasures in the urban landscape, & Valentina Zarew will speak on her upcoming project Simpatico, featuring how creative practices are in tune with nature.

Additionally, GECA  will be presenting their Materials in Mind pod, showcasing some of their 4,000 sustainable products for better living. 


Celebrating its 20th year, Sydney Design Festival 2018 presents events that respond to the theme Call to Action.

‘Through a diverse program of events, Sydney Design Festival champions local, national & international design, & promotes a critical understanding of the impact of design on everyday life & culture.

Action is purpose & movement; Action is deliberate & forward thinking. Design has a role to play in an ever-changing world & has the potential to solve complex global problems. SDF18 events explore design practice, collaboration, conversation & current design trends.’

Sydney Design Festival March 2 - 11 2018. Other related events in the program include a MAKERS Craft + Design TALK with Cave Urban and Kendall Permaculture, Embracing Randomness workshop with Errol Flanagan, and the Common Good exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum.


Liane Rossler. Superlocalstudio.
Steven Muller & Jonas Allen. The Organic Tea Project.
Claire Sutton. Republic of Everyone. Plant Life Balance.
Sam McGuiness. Waverley Council. 
Julia Champtaloup. Terra Botanica
Jennifer Kwok. The Five Elements
Valentina Zarew. Simpatico
Paula Clasby. GECA.
Anne-Louise Dadak. MAAS 


The Organic Tea Project started as a passion project so it is built on the values and passions of the co-founders. Our mission is to celebrate creative and design culture as an approach to help educate people about the incredible flavour, process and benefits of clean and fair plantation-to-pot tea. We believe in designing experiences; from our 15 year relationship teaching plantations to become organic, to using packaging design to cut-through and inform customers. 

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As founding creative director of one of Australia’s most iconic brands, Mambo, Jonas oversaw growth of the brand across multiple category and international markets. Moving to creative communications whilst also building a house in his home village of India, Auroville, Jonas co-founded Bondi Advertising in 2010 where he incubated The Organic Tea Project with co-founders.


With over 20 years of marketing experience, Steve is a classically trained marketer who learnt the real-world working for Heineken International for a decade. He helped build, The Hands That Shape Humanity, Bondi Advertising, Tetra Tea Tree Mattresses and now The Organic Tea Project.


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Claire Sutton is a designer/illustrator/creator/plant lover, with a penchant for anything sea-life related. 

Currently Head Of Design at Republic Of Everyone (to paraphrase the company's purpose statement): ROE believe the perfect company is one where brand, sustainability and community work together to create better products and a better world.

Claire believes quality design, along with creative and innovative thinking can help make the world a better place. Good (and responsible!) design plays an important role for the health and longevity of both the industry and the planet.

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This local area has a range of green spaces and biodiversity both small and large. At a large scale Waverley Council are actively working to increase vegetation cover. At a smaller scale the role of the local community is crucial in cooling and beautifying our streets and maintaining our connection to nature. 

Sam McGuinness is the Manager of Environmental Sustainability at Waverley Council. He has expertise in climate change mitigation, adaptation and urban ecology.

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Julia has always been a keen observer of the natural environment. As a young girl, she was inspired by her grandmother, an interminable green thumb. Hours spent under the old birch tree and digging up lilies of the valley provided a wonderful base for developing her own green thumb and an eye for the small wonders of nature.

Her first camera was a simple 1930’s Leica with a handheld light meter. Through exploring her own environs in upstate New York and diving into a home darkroom, she began to hone her observational talents and photographic skills. After studying photography in high school and university, she worked in studio photography in New York in the 80s.

These days she is finding a need to document the changing landscape and ecology around us.

“I find I am focusing on the micro landscapes around us and documenting small, but vital, aspects of our environment that we pass every day. I’m enthusiastic about sharing these with others to highlight the importance of appreciating and nurturing even the smallest of flora and fauna just under our noses.

I’m also obsessed with ensuring a collection of quality images make their way out of digital devices and are shared with others. With the many millions of images taken every day, I hope my images will encourage people to slow down and appreciate the smallest of natural beauties in their local environs.” Most recently, Julia‘s writing and photographs have been featured on various digital platforms.

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Jennifer discovered classical Feng Shui and Chinese philosophy at an early age and has continued to build her knowledge and apply these principles in everyday life.

She was the driving force behind the successful establishment and activation of the iconic Sydney Customs House in Sydney Harbour, a complex mixed-use re-adapted heritage building with restaurants, bars and public space. She has played an integral role in the Sydney Chinese and Lunar New Year Festivals, produced a series of interdisciplinary exhibitions, installations and cultural events. Her emphasis is often on social and environmental consciousness and people’s efforts to improve their living environment around the globe.

Jennifer has worked at the interface between Asian and Western culture in many interactions and has travelled extensively throughout Asia working with architects on mixed-use development projects. She draws on her Australian-Chinese cultural heritage and believes in bridging east to west, old and new, keeping with the spirit and authentic character of the place. She is committed to living in tune with nature in a fair and sustainable environment.

Her interest is in tracing and harnessing energy (Qi) flows and devising creative solutions to enhance the living environments for home, workplace, business and outdoor spaces to flourish.

Jennifer holds a Masters in Management from Sydney University of Technology Business School and has completed Feng Shui studies at the Yap Cheng Hai Academy, European College of Feng Shui and American Feng Shui Institute.

Jennifer speaks about the Five Elements which is an ancient Chinese Philosophy used to explain the interrelations between Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water energies which is used in Feng Shui, Astrology, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Cuisine and Martial Arts.

She applies the five elements to the built environment and gives examples of how balancing Qi energies can affect or enhance your living, working environments and overall well-being.

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A dynamic professional with a career background in consumer behaviour, marketing & communications, and sustainability. Taking a nimble & personal approach, Valentina is passionate about telling great brand stories, encouraging and implementing sustainable business transformation and developing impactful & innovative partnerships.

With over 10 years industry experience, she has launched two successful start-ups, volunteers with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers - Sydney Hub, sits on the Global Advisory Committee of Plasticity Forum and currently holds a tenure with H&M as Sustainability Manager - Australia & New Zealand.

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(Good Environmental Choice Australia)

Paula is a creative, marketing professional with extensive experience in business strategy, communication and project management.

She has worked in various roles including corporate health and safety, advertising, marketing, design and hospitality, that involved delivering creative direction, management and marketing, whilst pursing to market with purpose and inspiring people to take action. 

Her interest in health and environmental issues saw Paula working in corporate health for ten years, in a mix of management, marketing and editorial roles and playing an integral part in corporate health change. She also extended her project management skills across to facility management, building maintenance and landscape design. Paula draws on her experience, skills, qualifications and passion to market GECA’s vision for a society in which people demand sustainable products and services.


Anne-Louise Dadak is Sydney-based creative producer, practitioner and researcher. She is currently the Program Producer (Applied Arts) at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) and the co-founder and director of Province Studio. With an underlying focus on the value of multi-disciplinary practice within the arts, museum and heritage sectors, Anne-Louise is exploring the ways in which complex heritage is unpacked and interpreted for diverse audiences.

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