As part of Superlocalstudio’s 2016 Sweet Nature program, this zero waste creative collaboration draws inspiration from art,  philosophy, and  meditation, and aims to strengthen our connection with nature as well as with ourselves.

Plant Planet Workshop is dedicated to creating a collaborative sensory experience that reconnects ourselves with nature through creativity. An accessible, equitable and thought-provoking creative experience that nurtures our mind, senses and our connection with nature. The workshop starts with art and design appreciation, followed by technique demonstrations, a mystery box challenge and a photography session that brings your creation to life.

Reinforcing the appreciation of everyday beauty, simplicity, organic nature and zero-waste living, all ingredients are freshly picked from local fruit shops and supporting foragers. We especially love imperfect produce. All artworks created can be eaten by the creators and all scraps go to compost to nurture local gardens.

Superlocalstudio is a creative incubator run by artist, designer, curator and creative advisor Liane Rossler. Danling Xiao aka Mundane Matters has been creating fruit and vegetable sculptures almost everyday in the past year. 

Liane and Danling both believe and practice nurturing themselves in a way that draws from creativity, green living and mindfulness. Through the workshop, you will be provided opportunities to expand your creative thinking and practice.


Workshops 2016

Workshops 2016